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Life is all about responsibility, and you want to protect that responsibility in order to continue the future of your love ones that are waiting for your support and ofcourse your love. Being the head of the household, you have to maintain your support or the family in order for them to continue their studies and give your children a better future. But what happens when something happens to you? How can your children continue their education? Where will they stay? What will happen to their future? Can my wife support them if she’s just a plain housewife?

This are just some of the major questions that will always come accross to a family that lost their head of the family. The only way to protect this important question is to protect yourself and your love ones with Life Insurance.

What can life insurance do for my family?

If something happens to the head of the family, the beneficiary which is the wife and the children will receive a certain amount of money from the insurance protection that was purchased by the insured when he was still alive. He decided to do that because he cares about the future of his family. He made sure that if ever something happen to him, his family will be taken care of and will not be a burden to the society. In short the bereaved family can still continue what they want to do, they still have a place to live and able to continue the same lifestyle that they have when daddy was still around. But now it is only their mom who is next to them, but their life can still move forward because of the life insurance money they received.

How can I purchase a life insurance policy?

First you will be subject to a medical examination. You will need pass a certain physical exam to determine that you are still insurable. If for some reason that you have a specific terminal ilness, you will not be able acquire any life insurance whatsoever. So it is better to start a life insurance policy while you are young and healthy. You can also purchase a higher coverage at an earlier age and when it comes to underwriting, your application will most likely be approve. Once your policy is issued, all you have to do is to maintain your monthly premium to avoid cancellation of your policy.

How much is the monthly premium?

The premium is based on the applicants age, gender, health status, occupation and the amount of coverage you want to purchase. Once the insurance agent receives those information, he will now forward your application to their underwriting department for approval and issuance of your policy.

It is for your best interest to do business with a licensed insurance agent in your area. Try not to do business with anyone who is not licensed, because those people’s main objective is to scam you and get all your premium. Once they receive all your premium, they will disappear on you. If you have a claim, you will not get anything at all.

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